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A smooth sea never makes a skilful sailor’ - Anonymous

The Indian youth needs to be empowered, and it can be done through good education and vocational training. Students can opt for Minimum Competency Vocational course (MCVC) in HSC, which is a job oriented course. Here students’ gets an edge over the other streams because the vocational component in these courses comprises 70% and students get ample knowledge and experience in their elected area of four trades (Accounting & Office Management, Banking Financial Services & Insurance , Marketing & Retail Management).

These courses were started with an objective of providing practical knowledge along with theory to enable the students to acquire wage employment or to start their own business. Practical knowledge is given through Field Visits, Guest Lectures and Hands-On Trainings. These courses are broadly classified into Engineering and Commerce group.

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Key Information


Experiential learning is employed to train the students in their respective fields.

The approach uses constructivism, query based, reflective, collaborative and integrative methodology with experiential learning at the core, supported by internal and guest lecture methods, field trips, project-based learning, hand-on trainings and assignments/ practical workshops based on real life scenario.

Students are encouraged to read up references and current articles in their field of study and be active learners.

Programme Outcomes

After completing 12th std students can


  • opt for wage employment in accounting field.
  • Start his/her own employment ( example licensed and Certified Book Keeper, etc)
  • Pursue graduation in B.com, B.Voc, BMS etc
  • Apprenticeship training and assistance is also provided by the government through its various schemes to start their own business


In a world that leaves one spoilt for choice, quality assurance is a big concern; this is where a legacy or brand increases the comfort factor and makes us confident about our choices. The Somaiya brand has been around for decades, without ever compromising on its quality offered or value add, it imparts to students.

Transparency in admission process is the key to providing a fair policy to all applicants. At S K Somaiya Vinay Mandir special care is taken by the admission committee to keep channels of communication about cut-off marks and reasons for rejecting any admissions clear and valid as per the norms. There is no enshrouded approach which ensures a fair opportunity to all applicants.

Teachers are arguably the most important asset to an institution and Vinay Mandir is proud of its well qualified, trained and experienced teacher community. Students get to learn from teachers who are moderators and members of the board of studies, which in turn benefits the students in all aspects.

At S K Somaiya Vinay Mandir, students are always a priority. Any student who desires to excel is provided with intensive coaching under the expertise of much experienced teachers to understand and benefit from the nuances of learning that will enhance their performance beyond their expectations.

The vast and beautiful Somaiya campus houses world class sporting facility open to all its students. Students who are serious with pursuit of any sport are given coaching under expert coaches to help them take their talents to the state and national levels.

Extra-curricular activities find a place of prominence in our institution. As is the belief of our founder, inclusion of culture and tradition into learning is vital for developing a balanced personality. Such activities also nurture leadership skills, team integrity and self-confidence. Therefore exploration of the plethora of interest and talent in students is done through various activities conducted throughout the year. HARMONY- the college fest is the culmination point where every talent is appreciated and given its due recognition.

The campus of Somaiya is one of the best a student can get. The humongous, captivating, serene and state of art campus is a privilege and matter of pride to all who are a part of Somaiya family. No description can ever do justice to its true worth; one has to experience it to understand the depth of its offerings.


Compulsory Subjects Elective Subjects
English Hindi / Gujarati
Foundation Course Accounting & Office Management
  • Office Management
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Costing & Auditing
Physical Education
Environment Education & Water Security

Banking Financial Services & Insurance

  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Banking & Financial Services
  • Life Insurance

Marketing & Retail Management

  • Marketing Sales Management
  • Retail Marketing & Services
  • Retail Marketing
*Yoga is compulsory in F.Y.J.C.