Discipline & Code of Conduct

1. Students should always wear their valid college identity card whenever in college or representing the college at any other place.

2. Students should not loiter in and around the college corridors and premises during working hours.

3. Students found loitering, creating nuisance, destroying the college property or misbehaving are liable to strict disciplinary action.

4. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the campus.

5. Students must attend lectures, practical and tutorials according to the time-table of their respective classes on all working days.

6. Student shall not attend classes other than their own without prior permission of the teachers concerned.

7. Students should not collect any funds from other students or from outsiders without the written permission of the Principal.

8. Students shall not organize picnics, excursions, trips, etc, without prior written permission of the Principal.

9. No society must be formed or meeting held or any person invited to address the students in the college without prior written permission of the Principal.

10. Any student found to be involved in any form of ragging will be severely dealt.

11. Students shall be dressed in a manner which is decent and appropriate for an educational institution.

12. Students shall not use mobile phones in the college premises.

13. Use dustbins to throw litter and keep your college premises clean.

14. Decisions regarding matters not covered above will rest at the absolute discretion of the Principal.